Denys Savchenko – Artist, Art teacher, 


  • 2016 Degree in Art Education at the Linz Art University (Austria)
  • 2007 Degree in Decoration at the Ligurian Academy of Fine Arts (Genoa, Italy)
  • 2001 Degree in Monumental Painting at the National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture (Kyiv, (Ukraine)
  • 1995 Diploma of Teacher of Art history at the Institute of Fine Arts in Odesa (Ukraine)

Important works:

  • Restoration and decoration of the ceiling in the monastery of the Sisters Servants of Mary (visit the page)
  • Series of paintings dedicated to the saints of Genoa for the Santa Theresa of Baby Jesus church (Genoa, Italy) (visit the page)
  • “Skynia” (Tabernacle, Portable Chapel) Painting on silk. Realization of the series of large paintings on silk (Kyiv, Ukraine) (visit the page)
  • Created a series of landscapes (visit the page)

Works were acquired by such museums as: National Museum T.Shevchenko, Kyiv, Ukraine; Stift Seitenstetten Museum, Austria; Dnipro’s Museum of the Contemporary Art, Ukraine and many private collections in Austria, Ukraine, Italy, Spain and Germany. 

Exhibitions(visit the page)

Languages: English, Italian, German, Ukrainian, Russian

Landscape painting

Figurative painting


Religious painting and monumental works