Religious painting

“Nativity”, triptych
Acrylic on canvas. Central 100×100 cm, sides 100×50 cm each

Painting on silk

“Skynia” (Tabernacle, Portable Chapel)

Was made in 2001 as the final work at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kiev (Ukraine). Materials: Painting on silk chiffon; the size of the Chapel: height 350 cm, width 150 cm. It disassembles into six painted panels + the dome. Size of each panel: 225 cm x 90 cm

Acrylic on wood, gold leaf, 20×30 cm, 2003

Egg tempera on wood
  gold leaf. 35×45 cm. 1998

Acrylic on wood. 40×70 cm circa. 2004. 
Private collection, Italy

Encaustic on carved wood
Gold leaf. 50x40x5 cm. 1999

Painting on silk. 300 cm x150 cm. 2001

St. Peter and St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Church Genoa, Italy

Series of 14 paintings (each of them approx. 300cm large) dedicated to Saints of Genoa 
Oil on wooden board. 2007-2013

Ceiling at the Chapel of the monastery “Suore Serve di Maria” Genoa, Italy

“Pentecost” painting at the Chapel in Valley Maira, Italy 
Oil on wood. 90×60 cm. 2008

Acrylic on wood. 40×60 cm circa.
Private collection, Italy

“Baptism of Jesus”
Oil on Copper, 88×62 cm, Chapel in Andorf, Austria

“St. Catherine of Genoa”
Oil on wood, gold leaf, 106×64 cm, 2007
Private collection, Italy

Acrylic on wood. 36,5×27,5 cm. 2005

“St. John the Evangelist”
Acrylic on wood, gold leaf, 55×40 cm, 2003

“St John the Baptist”
Acrylic on wood, 55×40 cm, 2003

Acrylic on wood. 48,5×28.5 cm, silver leaf. 2004 

Acrylic on wooden board. 56×40 cm. 2004 

Acrylic on wood, golden leaf. 40×60 cm circa. 2003

“St. John the Evangelist”
Acrylic on wood, 90v60 cm. 2004

Acrylic on wood,  45×30 cm, 2004
Private collection, Ukraine

Acrylic on wood, gold leaf, 45/30 cm, 2005
Private collection, Italy