Chapel at the monastery “Suore Serve di Maria”
Genoa, Italy

Chapel at the monastery “Suore Serve di Maria”

Ceiling. 7×10 mt circa. Acrylic and tempera paints. 2007. Genoa, Italy
The center of the ceiling (oval composition with Maria) was restored, the composition around is projected and realized by myself

Finished work. Project was dedicated to the sisters of this monastery. Their mission was, as they explained it, to accompany people who were about to die. They helped families who had terminate sick members staying with them at night. It was an incredible experience just to talk to them. 

Central part before restoration and conservation. Probably end of 19th century composition. Tempera. The only part of ceiling decoration that survived was this oval composition. Around it were found traces of patterns of two different styles both belonging to end of 19th / beginning of 20th centuries.